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SEPULTURA - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 25/03/05

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SEPULTURA - Catanduva, Brasil - 06/04/02

This Saturday Sepultura played in Brazil.. IT was the first show of the upcoming Brazil tour, that will cross Brazil until July, I think.

I didn't went to the concert, but look at this set-list! (In no particular order)

1- Valtio
2- Troops of Doom
3- Sepulnation
4- Revolt
5- Slave New World
6- Choke
7- Propaganda
8- Who Must Die?
9- Biotech is Godzilla
10- Spit
11- Attitude
12- Border Wars
13- Dirty Deeds Done The Cheap - AC/DC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14- Inner Self/Beneath the Remains
15- Desperate Cry (Half the song)
16- Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells (Medley)
17- We Who Are Not As Others (Derrick rhythm guitar)
18- Against
19- Iron Fist - Motorhead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20- Corrupted (new song, Tentative title)
21- Refuse/Resist
22- Saga
23- Territory
24- Roots Bloody Roots

Great! Awesome!! I just didn't like they exchanged One Man Army for Who Must Die? (I prefer One Man Army) , but ok... Awesome set!! Can't wait to see!!

About the new song, it's not that fast, it's beginning remembers Sepulnation, with the drums and stuff, but in the middle there are some guitar riffs that remember the Arise era, very Thrash metal sounding... In general people said that it's most similar to the Against album sound. Well, let's see... I haven't heard it yet, but... let's see.

People also commented about Derrick's vocals... They said it's fucking awesome, better that any time, very powerful and secure... I think Derrick will be the great surprise of the net album, for all of us... Including some songs... Some very thrash, some not so. Let's wait and check out for ourselves!!!

Keep Thrashing!!
Review by Gabriel Teykal.
Ticket thanks to Cesar de Labio. Contact him for trade!!!!


SEPULTURA - Sâo Paulo, Brasil - 07/10/08 PART 2

PART 1 here.
Sepultura acoustic, live at TV show Altas Horas 8 years, transmited on 25/10/08.

Bullet the Blue Sky



SEPULTURA - Kuopio, Finland - 27/07/07

Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

Rock 'n Roll - Led Zeppelin


SEPULTURA - Warsaw, Poland - 18/04/06

Paranoid - Slave New World


SEPULTURA - no city info, Brasil - 19/05/07

Any info of this cancelled showis welcome.

SEPULTURA - Bucharest, Romania - 12/07/07 - PART 2

Part 1 here.
Complete show to watch here or download.

Video thanks to K-SK.

SEPULTURA - Sâo Paulo, Brasil - 07/10/08

Sepultura acoustic, live at TV show Altas Horas 8 years